We are stewards of the land.

Our goal is to work with nature to provide the best quality grass-fed beef to our customers.

We don't want our food to come from pastures treated with chemical fertilizer, or from animals that have been given antibiotics or growth hormones.  We know you feel the same way. 

When we use the term  'Grass Fed'  it  means the animals are never fed grain or concentrates. Our animals are on pasture year around. Mineral Supplement, clean water, and high-quality stored forages (hay)  and Organic Alfalfa Pellets for feeding during winter months if needed is all they are given.


Holistically planned grazing mimics the movement of the animals that historically lived on the prairie and is in concert with how the prairie evolved.  This provides our animals with the best life possible and helps preserve the remaining tall-grass prairie.

                                                  HEALTHY LAND-HEALTHY FOOD-HEALTHY LIVES