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Keith has over 30 years of ranching experience and has been practicing Holistic Management for over 20 years on numerous ranches in a variety of climates, scales, and eco-regions. He is able to translate his knowledge into practical information for new and experienced producers.


With over 10 years in ranching and agriculture, Linda brings a wealth of experience to her presentations, training, and coaching. Linda also has years of experience direct marketing her products both wholesale and retail and can help you build a business/marketing plan. Also, with over 25 years in the hospitality sector, Linda is uniquely positioned to help you address leadership, personnel, team dynamics, and management systems issues.

Linda is a Holistic Management ® International Professional Certified Educator. She is  available to teach workshops, host field days, or work with clients one on one, in person or online. She can provide expertise that will help you improve the way you manage your land and livestock, using Holistic Management practices including:

  • Introduction to Holistic Management ®

  • Holistic Management ® Financial Planning

  • Holistic Management ® Grazing Planning

  • Holistic Management ® Biological Monitoring

  • Holistic Management ® Land Planning

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