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Why would you buy a 1/4 or 1/8 beef bundle?

  • Are you a Mom looking for nutritious, quality, tasty beef for your family?

  • You’d like easy, peaceful mealtimes, with not much effort for those 'I'm so exhausted' nights! Let us show you how we can make this a reality for you.

  • You want to start the new year eating healthy without a lot of stress?

  • We are a small business raising 100% grass fed beef and we are enjoying the health and great taste benefits of this our beef (and lamb).

  • After much consideration a few years ago we decided to offer our beef to you and your family helping you make better health, and a tasty eating experience a reality. A year or so ago we added lamb. (We have a beef/ lamb combination bundle and whole lambs available as well).

  • We also take the guess work out of reading confusing labels. It really is exactly what we say it is. 100% grass fed, with no added growth hormones, never fed any GMO feed, grain, or given antibiotics.


Buying direct from the farmer means

no more trips to the store with the kids in tow after a long day. Enjoy shopping in your own freezer! Win!

1 . TIME SAVING Skip the grocery store parking, crowd and lines, bliss!


3 . CONVENIENT PACKAGING. It's vacuum sealed in meal size packets.

4 . SUSTAINABLE You are supporting sustainable practices, and animal welfare. No confinement here.

5 . QUALITY 100% grass fed beef actually has flavor, and you get all the health benefits grass fed beef has to offer!

6. BE ORGANIZED Plan your weeks' meals in advance, we would love to share some of our favorite recipes.

7. VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY Buying in bulk is economical! You get the higher $$$ cuts like steaks and roast. for about the cost of ground beef!

8. KNOW YOUR FARMER You will be in contact with us, Keith and Linda, throughout the whole process. No middle man. And meet one or both of us on delivery day!

9. KNOW WHERE YOUR FOOD IS COMING FROM If you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or have seen our website, you know we love to post pictures of our animals out grazing the pastures as well as the food we love to cook.


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